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Educational Risk Minimisation Materials to help reduce the risk associated with using this medicine.

Rixathon (rituximab) - IV administration only

A healthcare professional card highlighting the route of administration for Rixathon Healthcare Professional

For Healthcare Professionals

Rixathon (rituximab) Healthcare Professional Educational Leaflet - Important safety information for healthcare professionals in treating patients with Rixathon therapy

This guide is intended to review key facts and important safety information about rituximab in non-oncology diseases and to provide important patient counselling information to assist healthcare professionals in caring for patients receiving rituximab therapy.

For Healthcare Professionals

Rixathon (rituximab) Patient Educational Leaflet - Important safety information for patients receiving Rixathon therapy

The information provided in this booklet should be discussed with patients by their healthcare professional during Rixathon(rituximab) treatment.

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