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Fasenra 30 mg solution for injection in pre filled pen, instructions for use


Instructions for Use

Fasenra 30mg

Solution for Injection in Pre-filled Pen


For Subcutaneous Injection

Single-use Pre-filled Pen

Before using your Fasenra Pen, your healthcare provider should show you or your caregiver how to use it correctly.

Read this ‘Instructions for Use’ before you start using your Fasenra Pen and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This information does not take the place of talking to your healthcare provider about your medical condition or your treatment.

If you or your caregiver have any questions, talk to your healthcare provider.

Important Information

Store Fasenra in a refrigerator between 2°C to 8°C in its carton until you are ready to use it. Fasenra may be kept at room temperature up to 25°C for a maximum of 14 days. After removal from the refrigerator, Fasenra must be used within 14 days or discarded

Do not use your Fasenra Pen if:

  • it has been frozen
  • it has been dropped or damaged
  • the security seal on the carton has been broken
  • the expiry date (EXP) has passed

Do not:

  • shake your Fasenra Pen
  • share or re-use your Fasenra Pen

If any of the above happens, throw away the Fasenra Pen in a puncture-resistant sharps container and use a new Fasenra Pen.

Each Fasenra Pen contains 1 dose of Fasenra that is for one-time use only.

Keep Fasenra and all medicines out of the sight and reach of children.

Your Fasenra Pen

Do not remove the cap until you have reached Step 6 of these instructions and are ready to inject Fasenra.

Step 1 - Gather Supplies

  • 1 Fasenra Pen from the refrigerator
  • 1 alcohol wipe
  • 1 cotton ball or gauze
  • 1 puncture-resistant sharps container.
    (See Step 10 – Dispose of the used Fasenra Pen safely)

Step 2 - Prepare to use your Fasenra Pen

Check the expiry date (EXP). Do not use if the expiry date has passed.

Let Fasenra warm up at room temperature 20°C to 25°C for about 30 minutes before giving the injection.

Do not warm the Fasenra Pen in any other way. For example, do not warm it in a microwave or hot water, or put it near other heat sources.

Use Fasenra within 14 days of removing from the refrigerator.

Do not remove the cap until you have reached Step 6.

Step 3 - Check the liquid

Look at the liquid in the Fasenra Pen through the viewing window. The liquid should be clear and colourless to yellow. It may contain small white particles.

Do not inject Fasenra if the liquid is cloudy, discoloured, or contains large particles.

You may see a small air bubble in the liquid. This is normal. You do not need to do anything about it.

Step 4 - Choose the injection site

The recommended injection site is the front of your thigh. You may also use the lower part of your abdomen.

Do not inject:

  • into the 5 cm area around your belly-button
  • where the skin is tender, bruised, scaly or hard
  • into scars or damaged skin
  • through clothing

A caregiver may inject you in the upper-arm, thigh, or abdomen. Do not try to inject yourself in the arm.

For each injection, choose a different site that is at least 3 cm away from where you last injected.

Step 5 - Clean the injection site

Wash your hands well with soap and water.

Clean the injection site with an alcohol wipe in a circular motion. Let it air dry.

Do not touch the cleaned area before injecting.

Do not fan or blow on the cleaned area.

Step 6 - Pull off the cap

Hold the Fasenra Pen with 1 hand. Carefully pull the cap straight off with your other hand.

Put the cap aside to throw away later.

The green needle guard is now exposed. It is there to prevent you from touching the needle.

Do not try to touch the needle or push on the needle guard with your finger.

Do not try to put the cap back on the Fasenra Pen. You could cause the injection to happen too soon or damage the needle.

Complete the following steps right away after removing the cap.

Step 7 - Inject Fasenra

Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions on how to inject. You can either gently pinch at the injection site or give the injection without pinching the skin.

Inject Fasenra by following the steps in figures a, b, c and d.

Hold the Fasenra Pen in place for the entire injection.

Do not change the position of the Fasenra Pen after the injection has started.

Position the Fasenra Pen at the injection site.

Place the needle guard of the Fasenra Pen flat against your skin (90-degree angle). Make sure you can see the viewing window.

Press down firmly.

You will hear a click. A ‘click’ tells you the injection has started. The green plunger will move down in the viewing window during the injection.

Hold down firmly for 15 seconds.

You will hear a second ‘click’. The second click tells you the injection has finished. The green plunger will fill the viewing window.

Lift the Fasenra Pen straight up.

The needle guard will slide down and lock into place over the needle.

Step 8 - Check the viewing window

Check the viewing window to make sure all the liquid has been injected.

If the green plunger does not fill the viewing window, you may not have received the full dose. If this happens or if you have any other concerns, call your healthcare provider.

Step 9 - Check the injection site

There may be a small amount of blood or liquid where you injected. This is normal.

Gently hold pressure over your skin with a cotton ball or gauze until the bleeding stops.

Do not rub the injection site.

If needed, cover the injection site with a small bandage.

Step 10 - Dispose of the used Fasenra Pen safely

  • Each Fasenra Pen contains a single dose of Fasenra and cannot be re-used.
  • Put your used Fasenra Pen in a puncture-resistant sharps container right away after use.

Do not throw away the Fasenra Pen in your household waste.

Throw away the cap and other used supplies in your household waste.

Disposal guidelines

Dispose of the full container as instructed by your healthcare provider or pharmacist.

Do not recycle your used sharps container.

Instructions for Use was last approved in 07/2020

RSP 20 0031