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Fusacomb Easyhaler 50/500 inhalation powder

Active Ingredient:
salmeterol xinafoate, fluticasone propionate
Orion Pharma (UK) Limited See contact details
ATC code: 
About Medicine

The user manual gives instructions on how to safely and effectively administer your medicine. It should be read in conjunction with the patient leaflet.

Below is a text only representation of the User Manual. The original leaflet can be viewed using the link above.

Fusacomb Easyhaler 50/250 & 50/500 inhalation powder - User Guide

How to use the Easyhaler inhaler
About your Easyhaler

Fusacomb Easyhaler may be different to inhalers you have used in the past. It is very important that you use it properly as using incorrectly can lead to you not receiving the right amount of medicine. This could make you very unwell or could lead to your asthma and COPD not being treated as it should.

Your doctor, nurse or pharmacist will show you how to use your inhaler properly. Make sure you understand the correct way to use the inhaler. If you are unsure contact your doctor, nurse or pharmacist. As with all inhalers, caregivers should ensure that children prescribed Fusacomb Easyhaler use correct inhalation technique, as described below. You can also use the instruction video at

When you first get your Easyhaler

The Easyhaler comes in a foil bag. Do not open the foil bag until you are ready to start using the medicine as it helps to keep the powder dry in the inhaler.

When you are ready to start treatment open the bag and record the date e.g., in your calendar.

Use the inhaler within 1 month (50/250) or 2 months (50/500) of removing from the foil bag.


Step 1: SHAKE

  • Remove the dustcap
  • Shake the inhaler 3 to 5 times holding it in the upright position

SHAKE x 3-5

Important points to remember

  • It is important to keep the inhaler in the upright position
  • If you accidentally click while you shake the inhaler, empty the powder from the mouthpiece as shown below

Step 2: CLICK

  • Keep holding the inhaler upright between your forefinger and thumb
  • Press down until you hear a click, and let the inhaler click back again. This releases a dose
  • Only click down once


Important points to remember

  • The inhaler will not click if the dustcap is still on
  • Only click down once
  • If you accidentally click more than once, empty the powder from the mouthpiece, see below
  • Click to release dose before you inhale, not at the same time
  • Keep the inhaler upright when you click it and when you inhale the dose. If you tip it, the powder could fall out before you are able to inhale it

Step 3: INHALE

  • Keep holding the inhaler upright
  • Breathe out normally
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth between your teeth and close your lips tightly around the mouthpiece
  • Take a strong and deep breath in
  • Take the inhaler out of your mouth, hold breath for at least 5 seconds, then breathe out normally.


Important points to remember

  • Make sure the whole mouthpiece is well inside your mouth, so that the medication gets into your lungs
  • Make sure your lips make a good seal around the mouthpiece
  • Do not breathe out into the inhaler. This is important: it could clog up the inhaler. If you breathed out into the inhaler, empty the powder from mouthpiece, see below

After you have used the inhaler:
  • Put the dust cap back on the mouthpiece. It stops the inhaler going off by accident.
  • After you have taken the dose, rinse your mouth with water, and spit it out and/or brush your teeth.

This may help to stop you getting thrush and becoming hoarse.

How to empty the powder from the mouthpiece

If you click the inhaler by accident, or if you might have clicked it more than once, or if you breathe out into it, empty the mouthpiece.

  • Tap the mouthpiece to empty the powder onto a table top, or the palm of your hand.
  • Then start again with steps Shake-Click-Inhale.

Cleaning the Easyhaler

Keep your inhaler dry and clean. If necessary you may wipe the mouthpiece of your inhaler with a dry cloth or tissue. Do not use water: the powder in the Easyhaler is sensitive to moisture.

Using the Easyhaler with a protective cover

You may use a protective cover with your inhaler. This helps to improve durability of the product. When you first insert your inhaler in the protective cover make sure the dustcap is on the inhaler as this stops it going off by accident. You can use the inhaler without removing it from the protective cover.

Follow the same instructions as above, 1. Shake – 2. Click – 3. Inhale.

Remember to:

  • Keep the inhaler in the upright position when clicking it
  • Replace the dustcap after taking the dose as this stops the inhaler going off by accident.

When to switch to a new Easyhaler

The dose counter shows the number of remaining doses. The counter turns after every 5th click. When the dose counter starts turning red, there are 20 doses left.

If you do not already have a new Easyhaler, contact your doctor for a new prescription. When the counter reaches 0 (zero), you need to replace the Easyhaler.

If you use the protective cover, you can keep it and insert your new inhaler into it.

  • 1. Shake – 2. Click – 3. Inhale.
  • After you have taken the dose, rinse your mouth with water and spit it out and/or brush your teeth.
  • Do not get your inhaler wet, protect it from moisture.

If you have any further questions on the use of this product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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