Risk Materials

Educational Risk Minimisation Materials to help reduce the risk associated with using this medicine.

Duodopa Best practice patient aftercare

This short guide provides advice to healthcare professionals on the management of patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease who have started Duodopa therapy

For Healthcare Professionals

Duodopa Critical Aspects of PEG-J Preparation Placement and Aftercare

The information presented in these slides is provided as part of additional Risk Minimisation Program for Duodopa targeted to minimise: –Gastrointestinal (GI) events –Device-related risks –Procedure-related risks associated with the levodopa – carbidopa intestinal gel (LCIG) system

For Healthcare Professionals

Duodopa Patient Pocket Guide

This pocket guide provides a practical overview of the Duodopa system and potential complications related to the medication and its delivery system.

For Healthcare Professionals

Duodopa PEG-J aftercare guideline

This guide provides advice to healthcare professionals on how to minimise PEG-J tube related complications in patients receiving Duodopa therapy. It should be used in conjunction with any local guidance and the CADD-Legacy 1400 pump instruction manual.

For Healthcare Professionals

Duodopa Safety, PEG-J insertion and aftercare, LCIG System Use and Pump Operations

Important Additional Risk Minimisation Information for Healthcare Professionals Training for AbbVie Duodopa Specialists on LCIG System, PEG-J Placement, Aftercare and Minimisation of Procedure Complications

For Healthcare Professionals

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