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Educational Risk Minimisation Materials to help reduce the risk associated with using this medicine.

Esmya (UPA) 5mg - UK DHPC 01.08.2018

This is a DHPC letter as approved by EMA and MHRA following EMA’s Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC)’s Article 20 review of Esmya 5mg tablets (ulipristal acetate) which received EC approval on 26.07.2018.

For Healthcare Professionals

Pathologist' Guide - Esmya

Guide for pathologists dealing with gynaecological tissue which may have been exposed to Esmya (Ulipristal acetate) - revised July 2018.

For Healthcare Professionals

Patient Card - Esmya

This patient card will be present in the Esmya pack and is intended for the patient.

Physician's Guide to Prescribing - Esmya

Educational material for prescribers - revised July 2018

For Healthcare Professionals

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