Risk Materials

Educational Risk Minimisation Materials to help reduce the risk associated with using this medicine.

Myalepta (metreleptin) Healthcare Professional Guide

Healthcare professional guide contains information on the specific risks associated with Myalepta and the measures designed to address them along with the potentially serious adverse drug reactions.

For Healthcare Professionals

Myalepta (metreleptin) Patient Care Guide

This document contains important risk minimisation information for patients and their carers.

Myalepta (metreleptin) Patient Dose Information Card

Provides patients and their carers important information on how to reconstitute and administer Myalepta (metreleptin).

Myalepta (metreleptin) Specialist Prescriber Guide

This brochure is for Specialist Prescribers of Myalepta only and provides guidance on determining the right dose, training the patient to prepare and inject and prescribing.

For Healthcare Professionals

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