Looking for the X-PIL Website?

The X-PIL website was decommissioned in August 2016; all users of X-PIL are now redirected to the eMC (this website). The eMC provides access to up-to-date, approved and regulated prescribing information for licensed medicines. It contains all of the information that was previously available on the X-PIL website and is also available in a mobile friendly form.

What is X-PIL?

X-PIL ensures that patient information leaflets (PILs) supplied with medicines are accessible to everyone, including those with sight problems.

X-PIL is a collaboration between Datapharm, the RNIB and the Pharmaceutical industry. This website is managed and published by Datapharm, the PILs are supplied and updated regularly by UK pharmaceutical companies and the RNIB deliver the Medicines Leaflet Line.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Medicine Leaflet Line number is: 0800 198 5000.

By calling this number you can listen to and/or request patient information leaflets (PILs):

  • In large/clear print
  • In Braille
  • On audio CD

When you call the RNIB Medicine Leaflet Line, they will need to find the correct PIL and will ask for:

  • The name of the medicine
  • The medicine's product code number

The product code number is also called the licence number or marketing authorisation number. It is usually an eight or nine digit number and might have PL or EU in front of it, e.g. PL xxxxx/xxxx or EU x/xx/xxx/xxx. This number can be found in a number of places:

  • On the outer packaging of the medicine (e.g. the box)
  • Some PILs include the product licence number at the bottom of the leaflet
  • If the X-PIL is displayed on the eMC website, the product licence number may be displayed at the top of the leaflet

If you are not sure what the product licence number is, don't worry. Ask a sighted person, your pharmacist, or the RNIB to help you find this information. At any point during your call to the RNIB's Medicine Leaflet Line you can choose to speak to a person.

The RNIB Medicine Leaflet line is free to use and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.