Access the most comprehensive and up to date medicine database in the UK
With so much unreliable medicine information online, finding a trustworthy and accurate source can be challenging.
Trusted by 97% of UK healthcare professional users, emc provides access to the most up to date regulator approved UK drug information.
Trusted and accessible medicine information
Trustworthy source

All the information contained on emc comes directly from the pharmaceutical manufacture as soon as the document is approved by the UK regulator (MHRA)

Full medicine change history

Included in your subscription, you can: access SmPC and PIL change history, save time on repeated searches for medicines and active ingredients, bookmark medicines you want to monitor and view lists of similar products based on their ATC code.

Detailed medicine information

Find detailed information about UK medicines, such as ingredients, side effects, interactions and adverse reactions.

emc in numbers

emc is the UK most comprehensive and accessible source of information about medicines, trusted by our rapidly growing audience of over 85 million visitors per year.

Over 10,000

Medicinal products

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a subscription?

Users outside the UK have complimentary free access to a limited number of website pages. Once this limit is reached, a subscription is required. This will provide users with unlimited access to the emc website.

What information can I find on emc?

emc contains the latest regulatory documents about medicines marketed in the UK, such as Summaries of Product Characteristics (known as SPCs or SmPCs), Patient Information Leaflets (known as PILs, Package Leaflets or PLs), Risk Minimisation Materials (RMMs), letters to healthcare professionals (DHPCs), live chat, audio, video, safety alerts and other approved product information.

What is the source of the information published on emc?

Information is published on emc website directly by the pharmaceutical company who owns the UK Marketing Authorisation. All content published is pre-approved by the MHRA.

How often is the information on emc updated?

When there is new information about a medicine, or when a new medicine is launched, pharmaceutical companies are required to update their safety information in a timely manner, as soon as it is approved by the regulator. You can view the latest medicine updates on the emc website for the most up to date information available.

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