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Risk Minimisation Materials

Eliquis (apixaban) Prescriber Guide

This risk minimisation material is for Eliquis for all indications. Please ensure that you are familiar with this material before prescribing Eliquis as it contains important safety information on the potential risk of bleeding during treatment with Eliquis and provides guidance on how to manage that risk. Updates made to the Prescriber Guide in April 2020 reflect changes to the Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) for apixaban 2.5 mg and 5 mg tablets on drug-drug interactions with fluconazole and concomitant use of apixaban with medicinal products that inhibit platelet aggregation, which may lead to an increased risk of bleeding. If you would like to obtain hard copies of the Eliquis Prescriber Guide and/or Patient Alert Card and/or SPCs, please contact Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Information (telephone: 0800 731 1736; Email: [email protected]) with your specific request. Risk minimisation materials can only be delivered to UK registered healthcare premises.

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