Evorel Supply Update: July 2020

In February 2020 Theramex restarted the supply of the Evorel portfolio of products . Since then we have produced nearly 750,000 packs across the Evorel portfolio.

We would like to thank both patients and healthcare professionals for their patience as we focus our attention on building a stable supply chain. In addition, we thank GPs across the UK for continuing to prescribe responsibly as we replenish the market and build a solid inventory of product.

Evorel 25, Evorel 100, Evorel Conti and Evorel Sequi are all currently available. There will be intermittent supply of Evorel 50 during the first half of July. Evorel 75 will continue to be unavailable until August.

  • Evorel 25 - Available
  • Evorel 50 - Intermittent supply first half of July
  • Evorel 75 - Unavailable until August
  • Evorel 100 - Available
  • Evorel Conti - Available
  • Evorel Sequi - Available

Note to pharmacists

In order to ensure the widest possible reach of the available stock, Alliance Healthcare have applied monthly quotas to the volume of stock available to individual pharmacists. If you require additional stock above this quota, in order to fulfil prescriptions, please contact Alliance Healthcare Customer Service by telephone 0330 100 0448 or email [email protected].

Further information

Patients who have any questions with regards to their treatment options should speak to their general practitioner.

For pharmacists and healthcare professionals who wish to place orders for the Evorel range of products, please contact Alliance Healthcare via your usual channels.