Evorel® Supply Update: October 2020

Since its acquisition by Theramex in October 2019, we have worked tirelessly to relaunch and resupply the Evorel® portfolio to the UK market. We have worked with multiple manufacturing partners to increase production capacity and ensure that Evorel® is readily available to every patient who needs it.

We are now delighted to announce that the full Evorel® range is back in stock. We would like to thank both patients and healthcare professionals for their patience as we stabilised the supply chain. In addition, we thank GPs across the UK for prescribing responsibly as we replenished the market.

  • Evorel® 25 (estradiol) - Fully available
  • Evorel® 50 (estradiol) - Fully available
  • Evorel® 75 (estradiol) - Fully available
  • Evorel® 100 (estradiol) - Fully available
  • Evorel® Conti (estradiol/norethisterone acetate) - Fully available
  • Evorel® Sequi (estradiol/norethisterone acetate) - Fully available

Further information

Patients who have any questions with regards to their treatment options should speak to their general practitioner.

For pharmacists and healthcare professionals who wish to place orders for the Evorel® range of products, please contact Alliance Healthcare via your usual channels.